The purpose of this 52-card deck and accompanying booklet is to help remind you how to remain focused on spiritual principles that form a credible, congruent code of personal honor and accountability for you while you are at work. We are in danger of losing our own sense of purpose and as a result, spiritual and ethical principles have taken a back seat to the stress of everyday 9 to 5 life. When you dishonor your spirit at work, you always regret it. By the same token, when you hold true to your instinctive moral vision and develop a way to stand up to those who promote negative and unethical behavior, your soul sails. You feel strengthened and uplifted. The purpose of these cards is to help you check your inner compass and reorient your actions accordingly during your workday. Good luck on your journey with these cards!

“More than just an inspirational card deck, Professional Guidance Cards is a courageous and eye-opening reminder of how to practice the very difficult task of living a good and honorable life while at work. While Michael Gluck directs his wisdom into practical guidance for the spirit at work, you cannot practice these truths and not change your life for the better. The work world is starving for the wisdom contained in these cards. It’s a treasure for all of us long overdue.”

~Caroline Myss, Author of Anatomy of the Spirit, and Sacred Contacts

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